Thank you! – and an announcement.

Mike at trade show

Over approximately the past 16 years Advanced Technique Fireworks has come to know some really great and talented people in the fireworks community. Many people become fast friends of my dad Mike Korbylo, founder and owner of Advanced Technique Fireworks. Dad never hesitated to share his passion for all things pyro and being the consumate entrepreneur he turned his love for fireworks into a multifaceted business. Innovating, crafting and leading the way in so many ways within the industry was not work for him.  Dad passed away on February 2nd 2012.

We appreciate the your support over the years and think many of you would like to know more of the story and what this means for the fate of ATF. To learn more of the story read past the statements below. But first you should know…

  • ATF is NOT out of business. We are scaling back on what we do. We will still be importing 1.4G consumer fireworks.
  • Advanced Technique Fireworks has decided to no longer be a 1.3G distributor. We also no longer offer 1.4g Pro products.
  • 1.4G consumer is still available wholesale with a minimum order by appointment. No demo will be had.
  • ATF will no longer be shooting shows.
  • ATF will no longer offer contingency storage.
  • Electric and computer firing systems are no longer offered or sold by ATF. We strongly recommend you Contact Jerry at CASAPYRO.COM as his company now offers firing equipment that is completely compatible with your existing legacy ATF equipment. This includes cables, slats, batteries, repairs.

Among the many accomplishments of dad, in 2011 he had been a key player in lobbying the state to legalize consumer fireworks. Once the law was passed he jumped on the opportunity to launch one of the single largest endeavors of his life, to open a retail consumer fireworks store, America’s Thunder Fireworks. He bought a great piece of property and contracted the building to be built. During this time he began his final battle with heart disease. He was admitted to the hospital and as work progressed to lay the foundation of the building his health diminished until his body could no longer fight. Sadly he never even got to see the property under construction. Of course he had ordered plenty of product to sell but not much was done beyond that.

Mom and dad had two sons, Scott and myself, Dennis. Neither were involved in the fireworks business and we were busy with our own careers and families.

For the past two years since dad’s passing, Scott and I have been working to try to keep both businesses thriving. We knew from the moment he passed, ATF would never be the same. I know many of you thought the same.  After exhausting months of effort it became more and more apparent that the thing that made ATF was dad. No matter how hard we tried even with our dedicated employees, Harrison and Tim,  we felt we couldn’t even come close to serving our loyal customers and friends the way he would have.

As of the beginning of 2014 we have come to the conclusion that some big things at ATF would have to change. There are several other peers in the region who have been offering pyro to the pros and frankly they are better equipped to serve you.

We sincerely thank each one of you for your support and friendship over the years and wish you great success in all you do. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Dennis Korbylo

9 thoughts on “Thank you! – and an announcement.

  1. I personally want to thank both of my sons, Scott and Dennis, for working so hard and Dennis for giving up his career to take on this challenge.
    To all our customers, and friends I want to express my gratitude for all the great times we had. The memories will be cherished by me forever.
    Thanks again!!! Please stay in touch.
    Ruth Korbylo

  2. Sorry to hear of the end of the demos, they were always a fun time. Looking forward to seeing the new price list and I still plan on heading your way in April with an empty van or trailer. Best wishes for your continued success!

  3. This is quite a shock. Since 2009 you’ve been my primary source for 1.3 and 1.4 pro fireworks. Mike and then Harrison have always been very helpful to me and you’ve always provided top quality product that has made my shows successful. I’m definetly going to miss doing business with ATF. I wish you all the best. Can you recommend any other sources for 1.3 and 1.4 pro product in WV, southern OH, or Eastern KY?

  4. Thanks Dennis and Ruth as well as Mike — I know you are listening in.

    I always enjoyed coming down to your demos the best and loved my relationship with Mike. He was a real professional. I also got to meet Terry G. who has helped us a lot in the fireworks business. Good luck in your new business. Your new building looks really good. Mike and Cal Nevins

  5. I am so sorry to read this news…… I have always considered the entire staff as friends within our profession. The 1.3 business will be missed. God Speed to you all and Good Luck
    Mike Ballard

  6. Sorry to read about this news. It is a great loss to the industry. Best of Luck in any future indevor.
    Can you send me a list of any racks you may still have for sale.
    Herman Krecker

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